Wholesale Sterling Silver Jewelry
wholesale sterling silver jewelry
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Wholesale Jewelry Manufacturer

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Wholesale jewelry


Swift Arrow® is a wholesaler, distributor, and manufacturer of American made

wholesale jewelry.

Don't look for Swift Arrow at the big box megamarts or department stores. We sell to & support downtown independent retailers.

Our reps are friendly people, committed to on-the-road service. In the age of showrooms and trade shows, we still value the personal relationship between road rep and shop owner.

Each piece of wholesale jewelry in our collection is selected for its potential to sell quickly. We believe that supplying high turnover products is the best way to help our customers be successful. We'd like to tell you about our unique first order money back guarantee and free clean & polish service. It would be our pleasure to answer all your questions. Please call Steve or Tina Swift at 1-800 BUY AMERICAN or 1-800 289 2637.


wholesale sterling silver jewelry

wholesale jewelry

is made by dozens of silver smiths, bead stringers, wax carvers, mold makers, polishers, stone cutters, and inlayers. Some of the jewelry is made here in Waterville, and many of the pieces relate to what we love about living in Maine...  trees, moose, bears, and wildlife themes.

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Our wholesale jewelry is best seen, not described, so please call 1-800-289-2637, or e-mail office@swiftarrow.com to schedule an appointment at your store with one of our reps!


Tel. (207)872-2078
P.O. Box 111 * Waterville, ME 04903
E-Mail Office@swiftarrow.com

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